Neuro-Connective Awakening

Here it is...the platform of the Mind, Body, Spirit all coming together in harmony. Sounds lovely. And it is! So, how does this work?

NCA is a technique to energize the part of the brain where we feel on purpose, well, unwavered and then apply that feeling or energy to your life. It starts by facilitating a stigma to connective tissue of the body propelling the movement of subtle energy up into the brain. The body will automatically feel stress dissipating and a desire to breathe more fully. This new breath feels amazing and then pushes blood, oxygen and metabolism into the pre-frontal cortex or higher brain. This technique has proven to bring people intense states of joy and allowed for a perspective of self that can only be described as an advanced, evolved way to take right action and be on purpose with it. The basis of this technique is a system or program of several sessions where there is work involved. There is no doubt that 1 or 2 sessions will show a dramatic result. But be aware that the purpose of this system is to help boost you into that better way of life that you desire right now and you need to want to fully participate and do the work going forward. Some people come in because they want to perform better at their job or as an athlete. Some come to just experience peace. Some because they had a fall from grace. Some have health concerns. We are all different and have a different life story. And we are all meant to live it on purpose. We all know that there are no claims allowed these days. What you WILL experience is an abundant feeling of well-being. Balance, if you will. And then some. Try a full session. Discounts are available for group session packages. Please call or text the office with your full details and session type.  Group lecture with live demonstrations available upon request. 


The origin of this session is a science. To read about it, click here.  You can also view the science behind the process in the about section.