Ayurvedic Medicine is the oldest medicine on the planet. Divinely guided into the Vedas and practiced for centuries, it is the medicine of the whole person...Mind, Body, Spirit. It is a way to treat the root of an illness and not just a symptom. Overall, it is a way of life and not just a temporary management of health.

Each person has their own body type or Dosha. By figuring out the body type, it is a gateway to better wellness for that person's life. A correct Dosha assessment will allow one to know what types of foods or herbs to use when cooking, what body clock functions are best at certain times, daily activities, types of treatments to incorporate into your program, even the best times for play or rest. Dr Sunny uses Ayurvedic Medicine in her herbal formulations and elixirs as well as doing full workups in the office. Online webinars are scheduled periodically as well for a shortened but effective application of Ayurvedic practice in your life. Check the calendar for details.