Sunny is a Doctor of Nature Cure, Physiotherapist, Integrated Wellness Coach and Peak Performance Specialist. Her approach is to help individuals be their best self in mind, body and spirit.  She has over 15 years of experience in the therapeutic bodywork, mindfulness, and cognitive function.  Her specialty in functional medicine stems from Ayurvedic practices and Herbal Formulations. Check out Sunny's own line of tonics and elixirs in the shop menu or schedule a visit in person or online for a personal formulation for your body type. 

She regularly holds transformational retreats, lectures to groups (large and small) and helps individuals become the awakened CEO of their lives…today.

Her coaching style reflects all naturally healthy aspects of fulfilling and maintaining a joyful life; on purpose.

Weather you are looking to create transformational change or just feel better in the moment, Sunny can help you reach your goals. Sessions and Workshops in Los Angeles, Naples, Boston, San Diego, Seattle and Houston or Online. More information can be found by visiting or

Notes from the Doc.....

"Years ago, I was concerned about my health. I had started noticing lethargy in the afternoons, fluctuation in weight due to inflammation, spikes in my energy level and some stomach problems. My quest to find the answers to this and to fix them led me to try the blood type diet. Weeks later, I was feeling amazing and guinea pigged a few friends and with similar results, I was onto something. I took up classes to start a sports medicine practice on the side while managing restaurants. The art of food and a desire for a very healthy body propelled me to find all aspects that promote overall wellness. Meditation, exercise, a little discipline, better nutrition....I found myself at the Chopra Center. Acquiring certificates in Ayurveda was the beginning of the now centered focus on a doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine. So, that part is cool, right? Good for me. But what is all the talk about being your best self? It's great to chat about this when I have time to do a longer talk. But, I want to tell you something as efficiently here right now as I can. My life has led me to my "work." I now know why I have come to be in this place. That early twenty-something hot tempered sexy pants that I had been called....the black sheep, seeker, the roller-coaster of joy, sadness, loss, abundance all my trials, tribulations and lessons allow me to help others get through their stuff and be happy with their stuff and use their stuff to maximum benefit. My practice is in Nature Cure which means the whole person...mind, body, spirit. To me, it comes in that order. I came across a technique that allowed me to operate at an evolved and elevated level, mentally. I use that now as a platform to then introduce other disciplines into a body that is ready for it. Mind first. It's the only way to then create sustainability in all the other things that you do or apply to yourself. So, there it is. I encourage you to check out the whole site. People have asked me for years to have a place where I can share on a larger scale. Here it is. I hope you find this site valuable and can connect to information or services that suit what you need. Whether its a quick athletic kinesio taping or a panel workup with herbal medicine or going a little deeper into the consciousness practices that are now finding their way into our lives in work, play and relationships with others, come see me or call. And I also have some Sunny approved products finding their way into the store. Sending all my best out to you."